Ever fancied your own Ale festival? Or just fancy a party with a choice of casked ales. Well here at St.Ives Brewery we want to make that possible for you.

We will deliver to any Address in Cornwall a ready to go Ale festival including racking, ice blankets, taps, drip trays and of course the ale!

Pick your dates and give us a ring or send us an email. Besides Boilers and our seasonal brews we can source ales from Keltek, Wooden Hand, Penpont, Skinners and many more to make your event one to remember. either 4 or 6 nine gallon casks of ale will be delivered and rested 24 hours before your event begins. We will tap and spire the beer and leave it to settle over night. All you will need to do is place the ice jackets over the casks a few hours before serving.

Each 9 gallon cask contains roughly 72pints of fine Cornish ale. for the price of £80 per cask + VAT you can have yourself a bargain drinking session. the hire of the equipment is free of charge providing at least 2 St.Ives Brewery casks are ordered for each event. Please Don’t hesitate to contact us about larger functions and weddings