Just some shots from a great event the other night. The Poly was jumping and the images captured the hearts and minds of many up and coming photographers from the South West. Guy Martin has seen more than most will ever see and at 28 he will no doubt go on to create more incredible images when the time comeswww.GuyMartinPhotography.com

St.Ives Brewery have kindly sponsored the show with Boilers Beer to be drank throughout the week long events being held at the Poly. Guy will be talking through his recent ordeal where he was caught in an explosion in Libya which cost the lives of two close friends and colleagues and almost his own. Tickets sold out furiously for guys talk and the showing of Restrepo, the ground breaking film shot by Tim Hetherington who was sadly killed whilst in Libya with guy. www.TimHetherington.com

For more information, contact Marco on 01736 793488 or 07702311595 email: [email protected]