Photojournalist and well respected bodyboarder Guy Martin opened his exhibition at the Falmouth Poly last night

Guys work went on show at the Poly and was opened to a packed house. Guys war images are some of the most harrowing of our time. Martin put himself in the line of fire during the recent middle eastern up-risng to capture the shifting sands of democracy in countries like Libya and Egypt.

St.Ives Brewery have kindly sponsored the show with Boilers Beer to be drank throughout the week long events being held at the Poly. Guy will be talking through his recent ordeal where he was caught in an explosion in Libya which cost the lives of two close friends and colleagues and almost his own. Tickets sold out furiously for guys talk and the showing of Restrepo, the ground breaking film shot by Tim Hetherington who was sadly killed whilst in Libya with guy.

For more information, contact Marco on 01736 793488 or 07702311595 email: [email protected]