Cornish Golden Lager is the latest brand to be launched here at St.Ives Brewery. A 3.8% Golden Lager that will tackle the current drought of good Cornish Lager beers. With a slice of lime it is the perfect party drink. Available now from LWC Jollys. it is sure to be a sensation for 2012 and onwards. The Lager is a golden amber colour and has a caramel and oaky flavour that is light on the pallet. A very versatile beer that will complement most foods.

The branding was done by the brewery founder Marco Amura. A hand drawn font was created for the Lager to give it a unique feel. Marco has given the lager a friendly and refreshing look that will help it stand out on the shelves.

For trade orders call LWC Jollys on 0845 345 1076. For a sample and brand list from St.Ives Brewery call Marco on 01736 793488.