St.Ives Brewery is proud to announce that Nethergate Brewery in Essex has taken Boilers Golden Cornish Ale along with Knill by Mouth IPA to the South East.

The casks will be distributed around greater London and East Anglia and will be in some central London pubs during the Olympics. Nethergate Brewery is a long established brewery that has a great history and distribution network throughout the South East. The growth of Boilers Ale and St.Ives Brewery has been steady and has shocked owner Marco Amura. With ale being on the market for only just over a year, the orders have increased dramatically as the word spreads across the country.

Marco is present at many food and drink festivals along with farmers markets and trade shows showing his fine products to the public, raising the profile of the brands. “It is important to get as many people trying the products as possible in order to build a fan base” Marco will not rest until Boilers is a national success.

St.Ives Brewery is delighted to see its Cornish Real Ale travel to our nations capital. Keep an eye out and let us know where you spot our beers.