Friday the 7th of September and the atmosphere at Lemon Street Gallery, Truro, is electric to say the least. The private view for Kurt Jacksons ‘This PLace, St Just-in-Penwith’ was taking place across three floors of the finest commercial gallery in Cornwall. A large gathering of buyers, critics, star spotters and art lovers had filled the space to near capacity to view Kurts latest works.

An eclectic mixture of paintings, drawings, sculptures & etchings were the mediums that Kurt had used to offer a sense and spirit of the place he calls home. A remote and rugged area of Cornwall steeped in the history of mining & pasty making St.Just has a raw beauty like no other area of Cornwall. A blend of subtle paintings of night scenes and kurts more familiar style of large and powerfully painted landscapes were interspersed with bronzes of wheel houses and their intertwining mine shafts.

The show is a collection of works about home and a relationship with that feeling of belonging. A clear emotion is drawn by Jacksons work to the place he feels is his true home in life.

This Place, St-Just-in-Penwith is a must see show for all art lovers.
‘The Artists Pint’ A collaboration between St.Ives Brewery & Kurt Jackson is a finely crafted pale ale due for release in mid October. The label made from one of Kurts incredibly moving paintings ‘evening tide’ will be a standout on the shelves. Available for a short time only it can be purchased online from and trade through LWC Jollys.

Please visit back for more details regarding the launch of ‘The Artists Pint’