St.Ives Brewery is proud to announce that it has sponsored St.Ives Rugby Club for the 2012/13 season. The Hakes will be wearing brand new raging bull kits with Boilers Golden Cornish Ale across the chest.

The One year deal has helped fund well needed renovations at the club and will hopefully be the beginning of a long lasting partnership between the club and brewery. Marco Amura (St.Ives Brewery owner) “It is a great partnership that I hope will last for the duration of the brewery’s existence. I have really enjoyed seeing the many members of the club drinking Boilers at the bar & it makes me very proud to see the lads wearing the shirts that we have helped buy”

A great start to the season has seen some emphatic wins. The club is destined for big things this season with St.Ives Brewery sure to benefit from the clubs exposure.

The Club History
Over the many years of Rugby Football being played in the town of St. Ives a great deal of history has been made including producing County, South West and International players from school boy honours to full England caps. From the early years playing at Lower Carnstabba and then at Hellesvean through to the present day playing at Alexandra Road. From reaching the first six Cornwall County Cup finals in a row (1968/74) to some of the major scalps and close shaves St. Ives have had against illustrious opponents, the following will hopefully give you a brief look at the history of this great club and revive happy memories for many.

More news of the clubs success will be updated to the site in the coming months.