The wreckage of the SS Alba is noticeable on the lowest tides of the year. The ships boiler and its bow remain as the only reminder of the ships fateful crash onto the rocks in 1938 on the 31st of January. The ship was built in 1920 in Detroit by The Detroit Shipbuilding Co, which was established in 1852. The ship was owned by a Panamanian company B. Burger.

The three cylinder triple expansion, 2 boiler cargo steamer was bound for Italy when it mistakenly took the lights on Porthmeor to be that of the town & harbour.

The ships Boiler that is stuck in the sand creates a wave known affectionately as ‘Boilers’. A barreling right hand wave that is a testing ground for the areas finest surfers. Our first beer takes this name as a reminder of the areas love of surfing and a nod to the memory of the Alba and its crew plus the brave men of the St.Ives lifeboat who risked their lives to save them.


The builders of the SS Alba. The Detroit Shipbuilding Co