So the Queen stopped by the other day to see what St Ives was all about. Her Maj was greeted by a stunning sunny day that was fit for a queen. St Ives was at it’s best and the crowds came out to welcome her in. She didn’t get a chance to have a pint of Boilers at the Balcony but she had loads to see and do so I forgive her.

I stood in the street for nearly 3 hours by the time she walked along the harbour to get into a lovely range rover that took her off to the Tate. I managed to get a shot but it was very dark and not very flattering to her or Phil. I incurred a minor sunstroke for my troubles and a poor view of the event. Here is my take on the day in pictures

A once in a lifetime event for our little harbour town, The day was a tribute to the people of St Ives.

meeting the brave men of the lifeboat crew

meeting the brave men of the lifeboat crew

range rover

the shot