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Cornish ales

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This is the home of Cornish Real ales for west Cornwall. St.Ives Brewery has been producing cornish ales for 2 years and has had a very successful beginning. 2 ales and 1 cornish lager. the two ciders on this fine website are produced by the sister company ‘St.Ives Cider’. A cloudy still cider and a sparkling medium cider are the first offerings

There are over 5,500 different real ales brewed regularly in the UK. With such an amazing range of different beer styles, such as bitters, old ales, milds, barley wines and stouts and the biggest variety of draught beers in the World it’s no wonder that tasting British real ales has become every bit as sophisticated as tasting wine.

There has never been a better time to appreciate our traditional British drink, but you don’t have to be an expert. Such a wide range of flavours are available to you that you will soon realise what beers most appeal to your taste buds, whether they are chocolatety stouts or light floral golden ales.

Tasting beer is just like tasting wine, but forget about spitting it out. The first step is to make sure the beer you are tasting is served at the right temperature. Too cold and real ale loses many of its complex flavours. Served too warm, it can develop some you don’t want and quickly loses condition in the glass.

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